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damon attore the vampire diaries

And their job is to bring the worst of humanity to the slaughterhouse. Doppelgänger blood can fix it. When he attacks Damon, Damon stabs him, killing him. The bridge had a drainage issue before it was renovated and was probably slick, thus no skid marks. He tells Caroline to consider this his R.S.V.P. I thought you bailed on us to go find peace or something," Jeremy says. He splits a piece of wood in two, forming a stake. Register a new .COM for just $9.99 for the first year and get everything you need to make your mark online — website builder, hosting, email, and more. It turns out this was not Elena, but Katherine pretending to be her. Throughout the years, he has appeared in a variety of films. He sits and talks but is only there to read Damon's mind. Damon suggests they tell Bonnie to go to Nova Scotia and find Qetsiyah's magic-soaked blood on Silas's tombstone. "Unless you're blonde, a Bennett witch, or a doppelgänger, I suggest you steer clear," he said. Damon thanked him for his honesty. He questions what Caroline has told Tyler about him and Stefan, convinced he knows something. It overwhelmed her, and she died. "Plan B," says Stefan. Stefan calls Alaric and warns him, who is barely able to stop Damon in time. He's angry with Stefan when Stefan brings John Gilbert back to Mystic Falls in an effort to save Elena. Damon admitted to Stefan that he had a moment of weakness and let Rebekah take the cure. Alaric also meets up with them. Jenna leaves when Damon and Kelly begin flirting more heavily, and somehow the two of them end up at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Stefan, Elena, Matt, and Caroline happen to be on a double-date. But Damon replies they are still bad for each other. At the fundraiser, Damon meets Alaric and Jo and she is surprised to see him. He takes it upon himself to snoop around Connor's trailer, but quickly gets caught in one of the hunter's booby traps: if he moves so much as an inch, the trap would detonate strategically placed bombs. Damon's ethnic background on the show is half-French (from his mother) and half-Italian (from his father). He tells her it's his choice and she has to respect it. Damon interrupts a man who's welding and tells him he's looking for Peter Maxwell. Like any good brother would, Damon agrees to help Stefan kill Julian now, and abandon the six-months-from-now plan. The only thing stopping Damon was fear of Giuseppe's disapproval. He discovered a sheet of addresses for Katherine, mostly post office boxes. Damon and Alaric tease Stefan about Caroline. Mason tells him that he only wants an apology. The Vampire Diaries, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a seventh season by The CW on January 11, 2015, and premiered on October 8, 2015. They go inside the tunnel and Bonnie puts a few drops of her blood on the ascendant and begins reciting. That finally does the trick as the emotionless vamp is overcome with tears. Vampire Diaries Tempted T-Shirt. Julian picks up the sword and leaves with his bloody girl. Alaric arrives and tries to convince Damon that Jo will be manage to defeat Kai and win the merge. But even if Stefanie stayed fully human, why not still drop by the Salvatore School, since it used to be her family home? He loves her either way, human or vampire. Alaric had found the cure in Silas' pocket and gave it to Damon. Damon goes to the tomb and, now that the spell is lifted and he can move around freely, he brings Katherine blood and clothing, wondering if what John Gilbert said about killing Elijah is true. Damon's also in the living room when Katherine asks them all about their plan, which they refuse to tell her. Lily serves Damon and Elena tea and explains her life. Katherine taunts him by saying "But I never got to say what I needed to say to you. She also picked up the Cure for vampirism and gave it to him, who in turned gave it to Elena. He also say "she left you, she sucks" instead of listening to Elena's news about finding her birth mother. Rebekah assumed Damon wasn't strong enough to handle a grieving Elena, and he used her as a shield to stop an incoming arrow from Vaughn. Damon hears Liv below them and kicks a hole in the fire place, then drops the special bottle of bourbon down. She also asks him why he didn't use compulsion on her in Georgia, to which Damon replies, "I wanted it to be real.". Damon was devastated by this and said a difficult goodbye to Elena as they locked her in a coffin while his best friend, Bonnie, lived out her remaining days. He became a vampire in 1864. They return to the dance floor, dancing and feeding on people, and then dance together, blood dripping from their mouths. Lily wakes up tied up to a chair. She encourages him to go to art school like he wants. Nadia gets mad and tries to make Damon give it to her but he quickly tells her no. Damon pushes some buttons that lift the man up, open the grate and dips him down into the blood. Damon wants to kill him. Lexi had partied with Damon for months, and late every night, she'd torture him asking him to talk about Katherine. Damon calls Stefan who happens to be in New Orleans at a bar with Klaus so Damon ask if there was any chance he could bring home a cure for a werewolf bite. As Damon has a sip of his bourbon, he spits out vervain realizing Kai spiked his drink. Every time his brother is put in a situation that endangers his life, Damon protects him, but he's not afraid to cause Stefan non-lethal harm. Stefan assures him that they'll find a cure, but Damon believes that he'll soon die. Damon then kicks Enzo into the bloody pool. She thinks he's punishing himself, which means he feels remorse and this is what makes him better than Kai. She asks Damon what he would have done if he had been in Stefan's position and he answers with the truth: he would have let Matt die to save her. Towards the end of Season 6, Alaric has Damon as his best man at his wedding. She says that if Damon doesn't answer the phone she's supposed to run into traffic. Damon receives a phone call from Stefan. Elena asks Damon if he wants to come. She finally admits the truth about Enzo's death. He admits to Elena that he's happy, and they have sex again. While traveling Katherine taunts Elena and Damon about their relationship,annoying them both. Liz tells Damon to tell Caroline how proud she is of her, but he says she can tell her herself. It's complicated between them but Damon is a father figure to Jeremy. Damon tries to stop him from hurting Jo but he paralyzes Damon again. Stefan reveals that he saved his brother because Klaus' hybrids would have killed Damon. Tyler tells him that if he kills him he'll be the face that haunts him as the moment he gave up. Enzo explains to Damon that Rayna's brain is full of visions and that she is still connected to all of the vampires who escaped when the phoenix stone was destroyed. While leaving, Damon encountered who he thought was Elena on the porch. Caroline is just trying to get through the next few days, but Damon tells her those aren't the bad ones, when she's surrounded by friends trying to make her feel better, it's what comes after.In the morning, Caroline makes a to-do list following her mother's death. Damon wakes up in the shed without his daylight ring. Later, he gets a call from Stefan who informs him that he and Elena have managed to free themselves from the travelers but don't know where they are. Thanks to them, Elena got her humanity back. However, Damon mysteriously hears Elena's voice in the Armory's vault and is drawn to it, despite Enzo and Bonnie's protests over the phone to try and stop Damon from following the voice. He confesses to Elena that he didn't stop his mother when she threatened to destroy the cure because he's a "selfish idiot" who doesn't want to lose her. pole. "That was for Carol Lockwood," Damon said. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . "It's up to you," Bonnie says. Aaron comes down to the cells in the basement with his gun. At the house he sums up that three Originals are in the coffins but there are four coffins. Later, Damon waits to meet Bonnie and Shane in Alaric's old classroom, where, alone for a moment, he reminisces about his friend. He tells her his mother is alive and a ripper. Overwhelmed by emotions, Damon starts sobbing and apologizes to her saying that he missed his mother when he needed her the most and how angry he has been at himself for not bidding her goodbye the way she deserved in the last two chances. They walk into Mystic Falls and Damon can tell he's still a vampire. She mentions he is healthy now so they can do the transfer spell. Throughout the series, his bond with Elena continuously grows and they eventually fall in love with each other. Enzo tells him that he's calling for backup. When he sees a bag of labeled blood in the fridge, the number jars his memory. He suggests the visions are the Travelers drawing Stefan and Elena to them, but they need more clues. Just before he leaves, Alaric tells Damon where to find Bonnie: undercover at a psych ward. It was part of a plan executed by Mason Lockwood to show Elizabeth Forbes that Damon was a vampire. As Damon is pretending to get Stefan's phone, he unties Stefan's hands and tells Stefan that he is so full of werewolf toxin that he can't even feel his face. See more ideas about vampire diaries, damon salvatore quotes, damon … Enzo doesn't recognize him and apologizes for that fact. Damon punched Stefan. Later, Elena is freaking out as she can't find a dress for Bonnie's funeral and breaks down into tears telling Damon how she can't do this again. Damon recovers from being hit after a while and snaps his bones back into place. During his five years of captivity, he meets another prisoner, Enzo, with whom he became best friends with. Damon has an idea an tells Rayna that Enzo and he would be a hit squad for all the vampires left on her list because they want her to die. Elena found him, and they went back downstairs. Damon talks to her down in the basement, where Damon is using a blow-torch on Elijah's body. With the sire bond seemingly confirmed, Damon is dismayed, though he doesn't let on to Elena what is going on. Once he finds out about the bloodline issue, Stefan marches over to Klaus. When Damon catches her staring at him, he asks her if she is watching him sleep. Last seen In Children of the Damned, Damon is first seen in a flashback to 1864, where he and Katherine feed on a stagecoach full of people. Damon was surprised by the kiss, but still saddened that he had to send her away. Damon finds Elena at home. When Markos finds Damon's note in the caves telling to contact him for missing wannabee witches a.k.a the Travelers, he decides to visit Damon at the boarding house. He wants Damon to get it from Pearl, who was ‘friendly' with Johnathan Gilbert back in 1864. Caroline wonders if the bite-marks covering her body will turn her into a vampire, and Damon describes the process of turning as an 'ordeal,' explaining it to her casually. When John arrives, wondering what's happening, Damon tells John to keep Elena there so he can go rescue Caroline, who is being held captive and tortured by Jules and her boyfriend, Brady. Stefan puts himself in the middle, pushing them apart. She teases him that she is watching him drool all over Alaric's textbook. Jeremy hears Alaric. Shane assured Damon that he hadn't brought them all along to be part of massacre number three, but he wouldn't tell him where the magical well is. Damon assures him he's back. Damon says he wishes Elena was alive in her place in an effert to awake Bonnie, and Bonnie says although he denies its truthfulness, those hurtful words came from his heart. Damon is lucid and comforts Elena while they dance, drawing a few giggles despite their serious situation. Pete thinks everything Damon is saying sounds crazy. And now American actor Ian Somerhalder has talked about the idea of a reboot. He suggests they turn more townspeople so Jeremy can kill them and grow the mark. After Elena finishes showering, she has another hallucination, and this time she imagines that Damon is Connor. From upstairs, Caroline gets annoyed eavesdropping and decides to distract herself by kissing Stefan. Tyler disagrees with the plan, and Damon figures out that he's been sired and so is loyal to Klaus because his blood transformed him. Damon is later knocked unconscious, and it is revealed to be Mason who attacked him. 5 Marvel Characters Ian Somerhalder Would Be Perfect To Play. Damon hugs her affectionately and tries to calm her down. During dinner, Bonnie tells him she misses everyone too. He spills his guts to him, saying how he thinks the lesson of the phoenix stone was that he's always going to be damaged.Damon then says he doesn't think he can feel for anyone ever again, so he decides to go ahead and eat his ride anyway. He first met Elena when he was in Mystic Falls looking for his object of obsession for over a century, Katherine Pierce. She reveals that she's going to the Historical Society Tea Party, something Damon invites himself to. Whitmore demonstrates vampire blood's healing powers, using Mrs. Fell as a volunteer. Carol Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes call Damon when John Gilbert is ‘killed' at a social gathering. 22-nov-2018 - Is it me or did Damon get more peeved off as the seasons went on. Even if she still loves him, she'll be human and he'll be a vampire, and they won't work. Damon leaves by saying see you in class while Elena is left completely shaken. Julian stabs Damon; Stefan arrives and cracks Julian's neck. He waits until nightfall to stalk a group of young people, including former victim Vicki Donovan, and kill all of them, excluding Vicki herself. The rule is losers die. Then, to make matters worse, the full moon bears down on them and Tyler begins his transformation, putting both Damon and Caroline in great danger. Vaughn took a poker to Damon's neck to show he should be taken seriously. Damon arrives with the towels and shoots Caroline with vervain darts, then Stefan to stage the scene. Luckily for Jeremy, Damon is able to compel the principal to lower the charges to a three-day suspension. As Damon and Stefan take off to put away Klaus' body they talk about Elena and Stefan mentions that if she chooses Damon he will go away and let them be happy. "This place is going down isn't it?" He tells her that she is a terrible friend for almost dying because he'd have to go through years of guilt and self-loathing. Enzo goes after Damon with a saw while Damon can almost reach Enzo's chest. He tells Enzo that he can see why Enzo likes it: it's lonely, cramped, and like a prison cell. Back at the Salvatore house, Lily admits to Damon that she did visit Stefan the night of her funeral. He tells Damon they don't want to hurt him and he'll end the visions. Through choking breaths she reminds her boys that she bound herself to Julian. After reaching Jo's bar,the place which appeared in their dream, Elena and Damon happily leave a sleeping Katherine in the car. Unaware that he's dying, she asks for more time to consider forgiving him, and Damon agrees wholeheartedly. He impatiently waits for the spell to be complete. In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Damon awakens next to Elena in his bed. They end up in Stefan's room, where Damon tears things from their places as he moves around. Liz remembers the storm also put a power line across the shorter route home, which is why they were on Wickery. They have a conversation but Klaus interrupts them. As of S6, Jeremy and Damon appear to mend cautious fences after his time off the deep end in S5. Then, however, he says he only has one thing to feel guilty about now and they share a passionate kiss. He went with Elizabeth and they find Brian, Meredith Fell's ex-boyfriend, staked although he's not a vampire. With Damon lying wounded on the floor, Kai breaks an umbrella in two and jams it through Damon's hand. Damon tells him to give up the act, as he knows he isn't Stefan. When she kisses him, he pulls back and it's not just for a second. Damon lived in New York City during the 70's, where he maintained a wild life full of parties and feeding off of people. Three men arrive and Damon immediately tries to protect Elena, even from Elijah, who was supposed to be dead. Damon said he was trying to save Elena from doing the one thing when her emotions were turned off that she can't take back. Damon finds is able to get to him in time, feed him vampire blood and hold him until he comes back to life. Damon wants to get Lily back. She tosses the cure box in the fire when he says he didn't bring the ascendant, saying she's doing him a favor. He cheerily tells Bonnie and Damon how he slaughtered his siblings members of his coven, although he has no powers. Having obtained Klaus' phone records off-screen, Damon paid Klaus a visit to tell him he sucked at two things: Find Katherine and covering up his secret phone conversations with Hayley. In her last moments she asked me to pass along a message to her daughter....Your mom wanted you to know how proud of you she was, and she should be. As the series progressed, he fell in love with Elena. Damon was busy anyway. Ian Somerhalder is busy preparing for his new V-Wars show, which should be coming soon to Netflix. The two of them go to the Witch Burial Ground, where he has a heated conversation with Alaric. They finally find Stefan back at the house but he is still upset with them as they didn't tell him about them being together and leaves the house. After she begins fearing Stefan is out of control, Elena invites Damon over and asks him how long Stefan will be this way. He thought the only way to rid himself of Ghost Damon was to burn up the body of Real Damon. Going into the next episode, Do You Remember the First Time?, Damon and Elena finally face each other for the first time since he returned. Finally, Damon tells her she didn't kill Aaron but he did. Damon tried to convince him to let him speak to Hayley since they're back on the same side again: Katherine most likely wants to shove the cure down Klaus' throat, which neither of them wants to happen. Sybil asks Damon to kill Bonnie, which he has no problem with. Enzo asks Damon if he has any control of his own mind left. As with the series, he initially serves as the main antagonist until the third book, where he becomes an anti-hero. $6.99 shipping. He taunts Stefan by seeming to care little about the 'new vampire in town': "What do we care? She wonders aloud whether this was the sire bond, or just being so happy to be there with Damon. At the Salvatore house, Elena gets the update from Damon but urges Jeremy to go on with his plans to leave town. Damon describes Enzo to a tee. The relationship is complicated when they realize that, due to the fact that it was Damon's blood that turned Elena, she is sire-bonded to him, so nobody is sure whether Elena's feelings for Damon are real or because of the sire bond, but most of the people they know insist that, once the sire bond is broken, Elena will return to Stefan. Alaric is looking out the window and sees that the moon is full and that the ritual will soon begin. Later, Damon gets a call from a frantic Elena, asking him to bring her a change of clothes. Nothing good is going to come of this. They both land up in the Prison world. This classic love triangle trop then lived on for multiple seasons , with Elena finally opting to be with Damon rather than Stefan. Mason confesses that he's not after revenge, but redemption, and that he wants to help Tyler. Meanwhile, Damon's sitting in the woods outside of the Gilbert lake house, whittling. An unknown amount of time passes. He played Damon Salvatore in the hit supernatural show, The Vampire Diaries. Elena arrives and tries to comfort a sad Damon. Damon calls Stefan with the news that they no longer need the sword. Damon repeats the same apology to Alaric, but meaning it this time. They had to find Bonnie. When Elena leaves, Damon taunts Stefan because it is harder for him to effectively compel Vicki Donovan to forget a vampire attacked her. He was there for about five years. After Elena and Stefan have their fake fight at the grill, Damon leaves and encounters Katherine outside, who he reacts to coldly. Deceased (Found Peace) He and Elena drive out to the farmhouse, where Damon demands Frederick let his brother go. Damon quickly realizes he's still stuck in hell. Damon simply ignores her and adds ""I'll see you in hell, Katherine." "How's it feel, brother?" Wes tells Enzo he can come with them or stay with Damon. Stefan stops him, but he continues, sitting down at her table. The Vampire Diaries Season One Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Two Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Three Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Five Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Six Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Seven Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Eight Characters, Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True,, Valerie tells Stefan about Damon and he takes off. Damon realizes this means Jeremy has to get involved, and he and Bonnie explain to Jeremy he needs to kill a vampire to break the curse. Elena was annoyed that Damon of all people was judging her when he's tried to kill Stefan multiple times. As Elena talks to Stefan, Damon faces Klaus, almost being killed if Gloria hadn't saved him. Damon believes it to be Stefan that did it, but Mason had actually been the one who tortured him. She also can't believe Damon hasn't told Elena about the cure yet. The series aired on The CW from 2009-2017, with The Vampire Diaries ending after season 8. The Salvatores then inject a weak Elena with vervain. Elena drinks it. Cast Di Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino Ian Somerhalder Malese Jow The Originals Everything Frases Ragazzi Carini Parole. In the end of The Night of the Comet, Damon charms and beds young Caroline Forbes, a friend of Elena's, ending the night by viciously biting her neck and feeding from her. He thought the clients were filed under their birthdates, and he couldn't remember Katherine's. Jeremy stopped in the tunnels and cut his hand and let it bleed on his jacket. Having heard from April that the pastor knew Professor Shane, who suspiciously knew about the hunter's mark and curse, Matt decided to have Sheriff Forbes check the pastor's phone records. They suggest that Damon rush Elena to the hospital, and like that, Damon picks up Elena in his arms and using his vamp speed, races over to the hospital. Have a nice nap!". As a young man, Damon joined the Confederate Army on his father's order, to defend the South during the American Civil War. When laughs when Damon tells her that Stefan ripped their father's throat out. She tells them that werewolves are hard-wired to hunt vampires, and that a werewolf bite is fatal to vampires. Damon tells Elena that he will take care of Jeremy. Damon saves Elena and starts torturing Liv for information. Damon killed the 12 people, but could not find Val to perform the spell he needed. Alaric has found pictures of Jo and news articles about the attack. For the first time she confesses that she loves him. Heretics are ready for a peace party inviting the whole town, which means Stefan and Damon. Bonnie was understandably pissed that Shane taught her the same magic that killed his wife. Damon initially believes Bonnie was killed in the process, but when he realized she's still alive, he becomes determined to find a way to bring her back. She dropped the match, and then they all walk out as the flames built. He hears Bonnie's voice behind him say "You weren't even gonna say goodbye." In Unpleasantville, Damon is first seen rummaging through the Salvatore library, where Stefan confronts Damon for taking Elena to Georgia. Nora and Mary Louise go to the university in which Stefan and Damon are to ask for Oscar back, while they're moving his body. They both collapse to the ground, passed out. Damon then meets Matt and Jeremy at Whitmore to plan their Travelers massacre. He thought Damon was going to convince Klaus there was another way to do this. He turns around to see Matt Donovan who fires at him again. Later, when he encounters Elena in the living room of the Salvatore house, she tells him that sparing Caroline's mother was more like the Damon that she was friends with. Damon eyes him carefully and gets up from the table and makes a call to Alaric asking him "when did you realize Jo wasn't Jo?" You're the psychic, you tell me". Damon doesn't want to hear anymore he demands Kai to shut up. She sends Valerie to the fight club to help Stefan. "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose; otherwise, you're just not worth forgiving.". In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Damon awakens the morning after he and Elena finally consummated their relationship. "Well, I thought about it," Damon said, "and then I realized his idea was better.". Stefan calls Damon to warn him not to take the cure because their mom is on the loose. He questions Sheriff Forbes about Mason Lockwood and finds out that he's Tyler Lockwood's uncle, and the brother of the mayor, but he knows nothing about the Town Council. Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. He claims that he can do this because of Stefan's animal blood diet. Damon gets mad. The … They hear music playing and Bonnie goes outside to see a kid's carousel turning. Rose is terrified that her life almost ended, and Damon comforts her with a hug. After arriving at the island, Shane offered Damon sunscreen with Damon asking, "Is that suppose to be a joke? Damon meets Elena at school and gives her a blood bag. Elena enters and they argue about him being so reckless, and that she doesn't want him to be that way. From the shelf he finds the heirloom he's been looking for: a mysterious iron-looking sphere about the size of a grapefruit. This episode reflects one of the strongest points in the relationship between both brothers. They both decide to sacrifice themselves to kill Katherine for the last and final time. Stefan finally reveals that there's a cure to vampirism and Connor's tattoo is the key to finding it. The Vampire Diaries è terminato nel 2017 con l'ottava stagione. In the evening, the gang is playing charade and there is still no sign of any secret. Damon calls Stefan as he burns the dead, demanding to have his daylight ring returned, going so far as to threaten Elena's life. The two brothers slowly let Elena in on their history, how they both became vampires. In Age of Innocence, Damon, Alaric and Bonnie head to Myrtle Beach to find Oscar and negotiate a swap with Lily. She suspects he is up to something but eventually takes his word for it. It is then revealed that Katherine injected Elena's body with the enhanced Ripper Compound that Wes had made making Elena a vampire ripper just like Damon. They share a slow, intimate dance which escalates into passionate kissing and clothes-ripping, and finally they have sex with each other for the first time. He contacts her first in her room, though this proved rather ineffective, and then again in the hallway at Mystic Falls High School, while she was getting more towels for the Car Wash. She comes all the way to the boarding house and attempts to release Damon, though Zach tries to keep him locked up. Finally, Stefan points out that Elena is human and could die at any time. Finding that the last number Mason dialed was Katherine's, Damon calls her, much to Stefan's disapproval. He's last seen sitting there with watering eyes and bloody lips, staring after her. Damon reminds him that it can hear him. He comforts her when she realizes what she's done, picking her up and carrying her back to the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena then finally opens the door, but jumps out of the window before he can see her. 5-feb-2012 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Lila Bassindale. Shane used the satellite phone he said earlier no longer worked, which set Damon off. Below the grate is a pool of blood. This makes him susceptible to Sybil's interrogation methods and she is finally able to see what Bonnie means to him. Back at Salvatore Mansion, a desiccated Silas was on the couch as Elena and Damon talked. Zach Salvatore, the owner of the house and their nephew, allows Damon in on Stefan's promise that he'll keep him in line. Later, as Christmas rings in the air, Stefan and Damon's search for Julian leads them to a town outside Mystic Falls, they end their search at a bar filled with dead Santa's. Damon sees the woman Bonnie saw. Elena is also locked in her dorm room because of the ripper virus and calls Damon after Stefan informs her of the ripper situation. In Down the Rabbit Hole, Galen Vaughn, the Hunter who captured Damon, had him tied to a tree and wanted to know why his mark suddenly completed itself two days ago. Damon finally admits what he did: "I burned her alive." Stefan says he's only sparing him because he saved his life, but he's done with him. Elena reveals that she invited him to help with deprogramming Jeremy's hunter instinct. Damon explains that he's been dealing with his demons: "My true self is dark." Damon accuses of Stefan of being on Lily's side, to which Stefan responds that because Damon can't be with Elena, he makes all of his bad decisions about her. He tells his brother that Tyler Lockwood has left town, leaving them with only one problem: Elijah. Stefan decides to call Katherine feeling that she won't say no to him like she has shrugged of everyone's attempt to meet her but Katherine instead calls Damon, wanting to talk.

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